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Iran religious beliefs

Iran religious beliefs

For people who would like to book Iran hotels, (hotels of Iran) might be usefull to have some information about Iran religious beliefs. The predominant religion in Iran is Islam and most Iranian are Shia (about 95%).

Of this amount about 5 to 10% are Sunni. Others who compose a minority group are Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian. Contrary to existing perceptions and negative propaganda against Iran, this minority group of different religions live without any difficulties in Iran and have also seats in the parliament. They can participate in elections and have the right to vote. They can also perform their religious ceremonies freely. Beside the legal rights that this minority group has, they are also respected by other citizens.

About the majority group, although they are Shia, their opinions and beliefs are too diverse. Despite this diversity in religions and beliefs in Iran, the important point is that all Iranian live together peacefully. Integrity and unity of different religions' adherents are also of remarkable points.

Iran religious beliefs

Lots of foreigners have a wrong opinion about freedom in Iran before traveling. They may also be prohibited and warned from this travel by their family and friends. However when they travel to this civilized country, their mind will change completely in this regard and find Iran a calm country with too hospitable citizens.

The only thing that you should notice as a foreign tourist before traveling to Iran is that as Islam is the official religion in Iran, you should observe its regulations to some extent, although the rules and regulations are not enforced strictly for tourists.

For example, wearing scarf and long sleeve shirt along with long skirt or trousers is obligatory for women. However it is not necessary to wear your hair completely. Men should also wear long trousers in public areas. As alcoholic drinks are forbidden in Islam, you cannot find alcoholic drinks in hotels, restaurants and super markets. You cannot also bring any kind of it with yourself from your country.

Iran religious beliefs

Although these limitations may seem difficult at first glance, at the end of your travel you will see that even these strange rules have also been interesting for you.

I hope you take courage once and come to see the beauties of Iran.

Hope to see you soon.