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After Tehran and Mashhad, Isfahan is the most populated city of Iran. In respect of tourist attractions, it has a special position among other cities in respect of its ancient history. It had been the capital of Iran in different eras. A significant number of monuments are located in Isfahan. Isfahan is famous for its magnificent Islamic architecture.

"Naqsh-e JahanorImamSquare

"Naqsh-e Jahan” or “Imam” Square in one of the largest squares in the world and is a good example of Islamic architecture which has been registered in UNESCO. It is the venue for many national and religious ceremonies. Alighapoomansion, Imammosque, Sheik Lotfollahmosque and Gheysariyemarket entrance are placed in this square. Shops on the square and “Gheysariye” old market are best places to buy handicrafts and souvenir. “Imam” mosque has remained from Safavid era in Iran. “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque is known as one of the most beautiful monuments in the world and it was built on the orders ofShah Abbas in the reign of the Safavids. Alighapoomansion is located opposite to “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque. This mansion has not only aesthetic value, but also acoustic value because of circular niches.

Zayandeh Rudriver passes through Isfahan. "Siosepol or Allahverdi Khanbridge is one of the famous bridges which was built on “Zayandeh Rud” river and it can be considered as an architectural masterpiece. Pol-e khajoo is another bridge which is also famous because of its architecture and decorative tiling.

As the other monuments in Isfahan, we can name monar jonbanin which a mystic person is buried. But the main reason of this building famous is its two minarets. Because of the ratio between the height and width of the minarets and the width of the balcony, if one minaret is shaken, the other will shake as well.  Mysterious architecture of this building still remains shrouded in mystery for many scientists. However, resonance phenomenon is the most logical reason for the shaking minarets.

Chehel sotounmansion is one of the other historic attractions in Isfahan which was constructed in a big garden in front of a long pool. Chehel sotoun means "Forty Columns" in Persian. The name was inspired by the twenty columns supporting the entrance pavilion which when reflected in the waters of the pool, appear to be forty.

Vank Cathedral is one of the Armenian historical churches in Isfahan and was built in the time of Shah Abbas II (of Safavid kings). This church is unique amongst Armenian churches because of its fine frescos and gilded carvings.

Abbasi Hotel is one of the fine hotels in Iran which is located in Isfahan. It is famous because it was built in the style of Safavid era buildings and is placed in the historic part of Isfahan.

Beside the historical places in Isfahan, Bird Garden of Isfahan is one of the tourist attractions worth seeing. Various species of birds are kept and protected in this garden.

Isfahan is also famous for its sweetmeat. “Gaz” and “Poolaki” are very popular among people especially tourists. “Beryooni” is a traditional delicious food in Isfahan which is recommended to you to taste it.

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