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The Modern Capital of Iran


Tehran has been the capital of Iran since 1796. So, lots of Royal palaces such as "Golestan", "Sad Abad", and “Niavaran” have remained from the royal era. Also, major governmental buildings of recent decades are located in this city. The most famous buildings located in Tehran are "Azadi Tower" and "Milad Tower".

"Azadi Tower" which is located in the middle of a square with the same name (Azadi Square), is considered as an important symbol of Tehran. The ordonnance of the tower is a compilation of the architecture of Achaemenid, Sasanian and Islamic eras. On lower floors, several theater halls, galleries, libraries, museums, etc. are placed.

"Milad Tower" is a multifunctional tower with a height of 435 m located in northwestern Tehran. It is the sixth tallest tower in the World and is visible nearly from everywhere in Tehran. Milad Tower also includes a five-star hotel, seven conference halls, a world trade center and an IT park.

"Tabiat Bridgeis the name of a three-floor pedestrian bridge placed in "Abbas Abad" district. It was constructed in recent years and opened in 2014. Visiting this artistically-built bridge in the capital of Iran is worth seeing.

"Golestan Palace" is a collection of buildings, each one was built at different periods of time. It is placed in Arg square. This palace is considered the oldest historic monument in Tehran.

"Sad Abad palace" was built during the Qajar period in a good weather area. It was the summer residence of Qajar kings. At the time of Pahlavi dynasty, several palaces and buildings were built inside it. Each palace was the residence of a member of Pahlavi family. The current presidential palace is located next to the Sad Abad complex.

"Niavaran Palace' is another historical complex located in Northern Tehran. It is composed of several palaces. The "Sahebqraniyeh Palace" was built at the time of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. The Construction of Niavaran Palace was started by the order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and became the residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi family.

Ski Resorts are of other tourist attractions in Iran.The most famous ones are "Tochal", "Dizin", and "Shemshak", all of them are close to Tehran.

Some praiseworthy museums are "National Museum of Iran", "Sad Abad Palaces Complex, "Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran", "The Carpet museum of Iran" and "Niavaran Palaces Complex" and "Royal Jewelry Museum". You can find masterpieces of artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warholat the " Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art".

Lots of shopping centers from traditional bazaars to modern shopping malls can be found in Tehran. The Grand Bazaar of Tehran and Tajrish Bazaar are the biggest traditional bazaars in Tehran.