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IRAN-Upcoming TOP Events, Festivals and Holidays

IRAN: Upcoming TOP  Events, Festivals and Holidays

TIPS: Events in Iran tend to sit on the must-see list of every visitors due to its multi-ethnic, diverse and cultural roots. Travelers should note that when visiting or participating in any event, respectful behavior or attitude play a crucial role in every nations. Regarding Iran, in some cases women needs to have a veil or at least a moderate hijab (just covering head) to get entered or visit public event, sites and landmarks. To make sure, ask your tour guide or hotel staff that what customs need to be followed so as not to neglect them.

Yalda (The Autumn’s last day)

Celebrated on the longest night of year which generally falls somewhere in the middle of December, this festival marks everyone sleepless! Iranians generally feast the event by eating pomegranate, watermelon and  nuts. Yalda is celebrated by reciting Hafiz's poems as well.


Nowruz (literally means new day), is the principal holiday in Iran, starting on March 20. This holiday takes over 13 days. Nowruz is one of the best time to travel to Iran. You can find very diverse and interesting rituals, entertainments and relaxing time in every cities, places and sites. 

Festival of Fire (Chahar Shanbeh Soori)

Taking place annually on the last Wednesday of December, the Festival of Fire is the sign of happiness and joy in Iran. You can find fireworks sprouting up in various public zones and parks. People jump over the burning things to celebrate the purification ritual of Iran. Chahar shanbe Souri is the startpoint of  Iranian New Year.

Photos By ISNA and Fararu.