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Yazd is known as the city of Wind Catchers. This city is considered as the first adobe city in the world and is one of the oldest historical cities in Iran. So, lots of monuments are located in this city. Persian noble architecture can be seen in Yazd. Generally speaking, Yazd is regarded as the most religious city of Iran, because the residents are mostly Shia; however, a large number of Zoroastrians and other religious minorities live there too. Inside the city and around it, many Zoroastrian temples are placed, in which many special religious ceremonies are held weekly and monthly. Feast of “sadeh” is one of the most important Zoroastrian ceremonies held annually.

Yazd is one of the important textiles centers in Iran. Yazd “Termeh” textile (a hand woven cloth) is too famous around the world. Confectionery is of important industries in Yazd. “Baghlava”, “Ghotab” and “Pashmak” are the most popular sweets cooked in the city.

Jame Mosque of Yazd is a great masterpiece of Iranian architecture. The construction of this mosque was started in the pre-Islamic era, but it was finished at recent decades. The building entrance is very high. The beautiful and unparalleled tile work is of its popularity main reasons.

Dolatabad garden is an old garden located is Yazd. Its windward mansion is the tallest brick tower in the world which is also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This garden is formed of two parts: inner and outer parts. The construction of Dolatabad historic qanat which is composed of five qanats dates back to more than 200 years age.

Amir Chakhmaq Complexwhich is located in one the Yazd main squares is composed of a mosque, bazaar, a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery. The name of this complex is amongst the Iran National Heritage List. This place is one of the most outstanding historical and tourist sites in Yazd.

Malek-o tojjarhotel has been established in a historical house of the same name. This hotel is located in the historical context of Yazd, next to” Khan Market Square”. This historical house was built nearly 120 years ago during the reign of the Qajar.

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