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Five-Day Caving Tour


Day 1:

7:00- 7:30 AM: Pick up passengers at Tehran/ Greeting and explaining the tour plan

7:30- 9:00 AM: Exit from Tehran toward Damavand city from eastern route

9:00- 11:00 AM: Damavand city tour- Visiting the beautiful natural scenery and historical buildings of Damavand including: Shebeli Tower, Jame Mosque, Tizaab fountain and waterfall

11:00- 13:30: Setting up a temporary camp and having lunch beside the fountain in the heart of pristine nature of Damavand city

13:30-16:00: Driving in an off-road path to a mountain lake in the mountain heights of "Dobral" (meaning two brothers)/ having break/ having enough time for Photography on the way

16:00- 19:00: Setting up the camp and then swimming, fishing and boating on the lake

19:00: Stay at the camp beside the lake overnight

Day 2:

8:00- 10:00 AM: Having breakfast including fresh Tea, Iranian bread, Scrambled or fried eggs based on traveler request, local butter and cheese

10:00- 11:00: Drive to the largest and the most beautiful entrance of cave which is unique in its kind

11:00- 13:00: Caving (security equipment including Headlamp, helmet and gloves will be provided)

13:00- 14:30: Setting up the camp beside to a river near to the cave/ Having lunch (grilled fresh fish which will be prepared and grilled on-site)

14:30- 16:30: Passing from an off-road path in the valleys of central Alborz and taking photos of area attractions

16:30- 18:30: Crossing of the river with 4WD cars

19:00: Setting up a camp beside the river to stay at night

Day 3:

8:00- 9:00: Having breakfast

9:00- 10:00: Taking a shower at the campsite

10:00- 10:30: Collect the camp and drive to Semnan province

10:30- 13:30: Going through the off-road route across plains and mountains of the region

13:30- 14:00: Setting up a camp in the Semnan province up-country heights overlooking the forests of Mazandaran province

14:00- 15:00: Having lunch (Barbecuing a hunting meat and local bread). There is also an alternative local vegetarian food (Mirza Ghasemi) for vegetarian travelers or for someone don't have inclination to eat hunted meat.

15:00- 16:00: Easy climbing in the mountains and the cliffs overlooking the forests of Mazandaran

16:00- 18:00: Having tea and watching the beautiful sunset in the heart of the nature

18:00- 19:00: Setting up a camp in order to stay overnight/ breaking firewood/ turn lanterns/ Gatherings around the fire and singing local songs

20:00: Having dinner

Day 4:

8:00- 9:00: Having Breakfast

9:00- 11:00: Collecting the camp and pass through the forest and mountains and familiarity with local medicinal plants

11:00- 12:00: Visiting the historical palace of the local governor of the village

12:00-13:00: Having lunch at the garden of the old palace

13:00- 14:00: Drive toward the stair like mineral springs located in the east part of the region

14:00- 15:00: Visiting the protected area and the region wildlife

15:00- 17:00: Visiting a unique fountain and swimming (optional) and having tea and herbal drink

17:00- 18:00: Drive to the forest camp near the fountain

19:00: Setting up camp and having dinner

Day 5:

8:00- 9:00: Having Breakfast

9:00- 10:30: Visiting an storage dam near Camp

10:30- 11:30: Walking on the dam crest

11:30- 13:30: Having lunch and tea at a local restaurant

13:30- 15:30: Moving across the forest road and drive toward Tehran

15:30- 16:30: Visiting “Veresk” bridge and having tea and local pastries

16:30- 19:00: Continue driving to Tehran and also having dinner

20:00: Arrive to hotel at night


Provided services: driver, tour guide familiar with the region, interpreter, cooking and serving fresh food on-site, snacks

Minimum tour capacity: 3 persons

Perfect time for this tour: mid-May to mid-September

Vehicle: 4x4 vehicles

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Temperature conditions: cool and mild