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It's Yazd Time!

Yazd is considered as the first adobe city in the world and is one of the oldest historical cities in Iran.
So, numerous numbers of monuments are located in this city of Iran. One of the attractions of this historical city especially for foreign tourists is staying at traditional hotels of Yazd which are totally different with usual Iran hotels and hotels around the world. Travel to Iran does’nt necessarily mean visiting and staying in
Tehran hotels, Mashhad hotels or…
Sure, at such a hotel (
Yazd hotels) you can enjoy more and it will be a new experience for you.
Also this city has a lot of attractions for instance: zoroastrian fire temple,Jame Mosque,Towers of silence,Water museum, Amir Chakhmagh and Yazd Art house. For traveling to Yazd, book hotels of this city ( Yazd hotel reservation online) you can visit our web site and accomodate Yazd hotels and also enjoy Yazd attractions.

Dad Hotel, Yazd

10th Farvardin Ave,Yazd
$ 80
Dad Hotel belongs to the 20th century. The hotel was built in 1928 by a man named Haj Abdolkhalegh Dad. This site was a transportation and inn establishment for 80 years before it was embellished and rejuvenated in 2007 to become a 4 start hotel
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Fahadan Museum Hotel, Yazd

$ 72
Fahadan Muesum Hotel is a historical building known for Tehrani's house. This building has been built during the Ghajar dynasty and has been owned by a family called the "Tehranis" 250 years ago. The beauty and the large size of this building has made it be in use by many Europian embassys including France, and Germany. The hotel is located in the heart of Yazd. It is located in front of Eskandar Prison and is close to "Davazdah Imam" Site which is more than a 1000 years old. Guests can enjoy short walks to different historical sites of Yazd. Guests can also use bicycles and carriages The hotel includes three gardens, The hotel is known to be the first museum hotel of Iran. It holds 28 beautiful rooms that offers great service to its guests. The hotel has lots of historical sites which the guests can enjoy. The cental garden of this museum hotel is used as coffee shops that welcomes it guests.
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Mehr Traditional Hotel, Yazd

Lab Khandagh alley,Qiam Ave,Yazd
$ 70
Mehr Traditional Hotel is in a historical building that is famous for being the house of Zargar Yazdi. The building has been built during the Ghajar dynasty and 250 years ago it was owned by a family called Zargar Yazdi, who where merchants of gold. This is the only hotel in iran that has recieved an award from UNISCO. It is also the second hotel that has recieved a certificate of best quality from SGS.The hotel consists of several beautiful gardens, a large conference hall, The hotel consists of 23 well equipped rooms that welcomes the guests. There is luxurious restaurant in the main garden of the hotel that offers both Iranian and internation food. The large coffee house can be used for gatherings, parties and conferences. The hotel is located close to the historical Amirchakhmagh Square on Ghayam Street. The hotel is surrounded by the largest shopping centers in Yazd, including Zargarha market, Khan market, Panjali market, and Shahzadehfazel market. All this markets are within close walking distance to the hotel.
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Mozaffar Traditional Hotel, Yazd

Beside Mokhaberat,Bekahi Alley,Motahhari Ave,Yazd
$ 59
Mozafar Hotel belongs to the Ghajar dynasty and is located in Khalfe bagh quarter in Yazd. The building was built in 1888 by Mozafar, a famous business man. The house consists of several traditional rooms including panj-dari room (literally meaning a room with five doors) ,Sedari Room(literally meaning a room with three doors) a hall and a basement. The hotel also has a special Mozafar room ( VIP room). Each room has a Bala-khane which a special place used to keep valuable objects. The hotel has a unique traditional architecture. Mozafar traditional hotel was inaugurated in Yazd by Yazd Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization.
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Parsian Safaeie Hotel, Yazd

Imam Hossein Sq,General Fallahi St,Yazd
$ 92
Safaeie Hotel is a five-star hotel located in one of the best districts of historical city of Yazd with so pleasant weather. Easy access to the city center and historical attractions along with offered amenities and services in this well- equipped hotel makes it a proper choice for passengers and tourists. This hotel is composed of two new and old hotels. The traditional architecture of Safaeie hotel makes it specific. Indoor and outdoor restaurants and coffee shops, Craft shop, 24-hour room service and Fitness club are of services this hotel offers to travelers.
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Laleh International Hotel, Yazd

Opposite of Golshan Historical Reservoir,Basij Blv,Yzad
$ 60
The building of Laleh Hotel belongs to Qajar era. This hotel is located in the heart of city center from which you have easy access to historical monuments and shopping centers. All rooms and suites are reconstructed and decorated in traditional style. Domed roofs and brick floors beside modern equipment have created a beautiful combination of tradition and modernity. You can enjoy of traditional Iranian food and also foreign dishes at the restaurant of the hotel.
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